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At CROWN we know what our customers want and we try to satisfy their needs day by day. The development of the best tools for the professionals is not only our job, it's our mission. Every innovation we bring is driven by the search of the best performances, by the improvement of the ease of use and by optimization of the ergonomic and job comfort. Every design choice we implement is not only aesthetic but it tries to meet the needs of the professional users. We are very proud to introduce you our latest generation of power tools, it's called B3 and we are sure you will love it.

B3 Design sketch
B3 Angle grinder

Technology improves your work

At CROWN we are always focused on products technologic improvement. We believe that an higher technology level helps the efficiency of the power tools increasing the daily job productivity.
A perfect example of this technologic development is our latest brushless impact wrench. With no windings on the rotor, the wrench is not subjected to centrifugal forces. The windings are supported by the housing and cooled by conduction and don't require airflow inside the motor. This technologic choice brings a big advantage because the motor internal parts can be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.
The tests carried out on the new brushless impact wrench has showed a substantial increase of reliability and a fairly good noise reduction, ensuring longest lifetime.

Design improves communication

At CROWN we know that clear information are the key for select the correct tool for a specific task. For this reason our team's first goal is to look for new design solutions. The B3 line it's a step forward in this direction: renew our visual identity to improve the way we communicate our products.
The new product packaging is the final result of this targeted choice: it’s clean, modern, simple but complete at same time. It displays the most important information and highlights the product's features thanks to a complete new icon system set that allows the user to understand quickly the main characteristics of the tool.
That's how we meant that design improves communication. Choose the right tools has never been so easy.

Icon set example:

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